N2A – day ++ (more post-ride thoughts)

29 Sep

A final word for this year, to assist with anyone who wants to support our charitable endeavours…..

Why do we do this to ourselves? Of course, it’s fulfillment of a huge personal challenge – but it’s also an opportunity to raise funds for important causes. As in past years (last year we collectively raised $55,000 for our various charities) , I am raising money for two charities – one in the UK and one in Bermuda.

Earlier this year, my darling daughters – Megan, Maddie and Lizzie, lost a school friend, Emma Rose Hatchley to a rare and horrific disease (a form of vasculitis). She was cared for by Great Ormond Street in London and her family have set up the Rose Bud Appeal and a JustGiving page. To date they have raised over £80,000 for this fantastic hospital that treats children from all over the world with the most terrible afflictions. If you would like to donate to the Rosebud Appeal, please make your donation (however small) via the link here https://www.justgiving.com/therosebudappeal and please quote “N2A”. UK donations attract Gift Aid, which gives a little extra to the charity if you are a UK taxpayer.

In May, my wife Elin and her friends ran the Bermuda Half Marathon Derby on behalf of the Friends of Hope Academy (http://www.friendsofhopeacademy.bm/team-hope). The Dame Marjorie Bean Hope Academy provides education to profoundly disabled children in Bermuda. Here’s a picture of Elin and friends pushing Dylan and his mates. The smile on Dylan’s face was magical and inspired me to part-dedicate this year’s ride to the school. If you would like to donate to the Friends of Hope Academy, please make your donation (however small) to the bank account linked here http://www.friendsofhopeacademy.bm/donate-now and please quote “N2A”.

If you choose to support either or both charities, please give generously – we have given blood, sweat and tears, so you don’t have to!  Many, many thanks for your support.

Thanks again to our corporate sponsors, KPMG, AMC, Validus, AlphaCat, LGT, Axis, Natixis, D&J Construction, The Prostate Practice and PaddyO’s who funded our team kit (and Alina Reitz at Tim Everest who designed it):

I hope you enjoy the blog and please do comment on it! Please also forward this email to others who may be interested in our adventures.

Best regards. CT


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