N2A – day 6 (post ride thoughts)

24 Sep

Given no riding the next day, at the celebration dinner I didn’t mind having a few drinks, which as expected brought on the AF, which I can feel through my chest and neck without having to hold my pulse.   I’ve become a bit more accustomed to it now, so it doesn’t fill me with dread each time I get it. Long term, I think I’ll have to do something about it but, for now, I think I can manage around it.

I had announced at the T2MC celebration dinner that 2014 was going to be my last year arranging the trip but I have already been lobbied hard to do it again and we had even been discussing route possibilities….we’ll see!

I apologise that the blog has so little to say about others’ efforts. The main reason is that I was at the back of the pack for most of the climbs and aside from cheery waves as they went past, I didn’t see many other riders during the climbs. They will have their heroic stories to tell, very much like Henry V’s fabled band of brothers showing their scars on St Crispin’s Day!

To my band of brothers, I salute you!

To our corporate sponsors – KPMG, AMC, Validus, AlphaCat, LGT, Axis, Natixis, D&J Construction, The Prostate Practice, Tim Everest and PaddyO’s – thank you for the tour kit and supplies, without which we would have been much less comfortable!

To our individual sponsors, thank you for contributing to the many charities we are supporting. I will write an epilogue in due course to let you know how much we raised and I’m hoping we beat last year’s achievement of $55,000.

And to all, my love and many thanks for being part of the journey….I’ll leave you with this shot of Mont Blanc taken from the plane as we took off from Geneva….


…at that point I knew we had to do this again.



2 Responses to “N2A – day 6 (post ride thoughts)”

  1. Chikashi September 24, 2014 at 9:36 am #

    Well done!!

  2. Jason P September 24, 2014 at 5:01 pm #

    Tremendous effort N2A riders. Great blog as well CT and I’m delighted with the positive note at the end for next year. Please sign me back up for 2015 (with a lake-side suite in Annecy, if you don’t mind). Looking forward to hearing more stories when the Bermuda rouleurs return.

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