T2MC – day – minus 1

4 Sep

The day didn’t start well.  All my own fault of course.

The night before, staying with my great friend John Dutton in Bray before travelling to Gatwick for the Turin flight, I “popped down to the Crown” to meet him.  It was quiz night – always a recipe for disaster and, worse, we won.  That called for a few more drinks to celebrate and then further toasting the victory back at John’s with Rioja.  Hardly the preparation you would expect for a trip to the Alps under pedal power.

Head feeling very fuzzy, I arrived at Gatwick and soon met up with around half the T2MCers for the 1.30pm flight to Turin.   We flew over the Alps, Mont Blanc was snow capped and glaciated and the view South over the mountains – were we are headed – was sensational.

We landed in Turin and it was baking hot.  After a short transfer, we arrived at our hotel and the process of building up the bikes began.  The backdrop of the alpine foothills was spectacular (see Chik’s blog http://chikashimiyamoto.wordpress.com  for a super shot of from the hotel).


Dinner was a great opportunity to meet the new riders (who didn’t do last year’s G2MC).  Due to a last minute cancellation, Gideon – our tour manager from last year – was able to join us, together with Claude and Pete.  The only new face was the tour doctor – Julian, with a shock of very impressive “Stuart Granger” hair.

After a welcome from me and briefing from Gideon, there was a hearty dinner and relatively early night.  After doing some work emails and calls (Bermuda still very much in play, given the 5 hour time difference) – went to sleep at 12.30am.  That put paid to doing the first blog, hence this is a catch up one day late.

Slept fitfully – thinking of how the wheels came off last year (read the blog below for details) – and also clock watching because a 5.45am alarm – we were due to hit the road by 7am.



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