The night before the morning after

4 Sep

Well, we’ve all arrived in Auchamp, just outside Geneva and, as I type this, most if not all the riders are getting an early-ish night.

The now 17 riders arrived between noon and 10pm, unpacking and building their bikes up on arrival, with the help of the Classic Tours crew, particularly Pete the mechanic.  Jason Piney’s bike in particular arrived a bit battered – with broken seat tube and mangled front derailler but all was sorted after a trip to the local bike shop and some brute force with the pliers.

Didn’t look like anyone was holding back on the beer and wine front in the lead up to and over dinner.  We’ll see whether there are any regrets tomorrow!  We had a team briefing tonight – do’s and don’ts and general advice, plus lots of people had their Garmin gadgets sorted out.  It’s fair to say that everyone is a little nervous about what to expect, except perhaps the old hands who have done all this before (including one of our number with “10 etapes” under his belt).

For those of us new to the Alps by bike, the view from the hotel car park is a little daunting – there’s no gentle lead into this event – our first climb is only a mile away (see below).

The first climb….

Planning on taking some shots of the riders in front of this view tomorrow with the team kit on and will post another entry then.  In the meantime, thanks to the many sponsors who have pledged donations to our charities.  I haven’t responded to each of you but your gestures are very much apprectiated and I will thank you individually when we meet. 

Best.  CT


One Response to “The night before the morning after”

  1. John Milsom September 5, 2012 at 4:50 pm #

    A spin in the country, a “mere” 114 KMs, which had the majority of us ( well me at least) gasping after the first 20 KMs fortunately it all calmed down after that and turned into a lovely ride spoilt only by some hills. Lunch was taken at a delightful restaurant and I have no doubt that professional cyclists do it like this, spicy sausage and chips with a glass of red, and meringue to give us energy. As we had failed to pack our smoking jackets we couldn’t retire to the drawing room, but the sausages had a lovely repeating impact. Last 14 KMs was a real spin into the hotel dropping down some 450 metres. Tour leader Charlie is doing us proud by making sure that he isn’t the first on the road. So far so good, more chamois cream tomorrow!

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